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Intubation Products

Frova Intubating Introducer

Intended to facilitate endotracheal intubation in patients where the visualisation of the glottis is inadequate.

Features and benefits

  • The blunt, angled tip can be passed blindly into the trachea when visualisation of the glottis is inadequate to guide the placement of the endotracheal tube.
  • The optional stiffening cannula adds rigidity to the proximal and middle sections of the intubating introducer, but the distal portion remains flexible.
  • The lumen and distal sideports are designed to deliver oxygen.
  • The centimetre marks facilitate accurate alignment with endotracheal tubes.
  • The removable Rapi-Fit® Adapters permit oxygen delivery, if necessary.

Aintree Intubation Catheter

Intended for assisted fibreoptic intubation and for uncomplicated, atraumatic endotracheal tube exchange.

Features and benefits

  • The catheter’s inner diameter (ID), lumen, and distal sideports are designed to enhance airflow.
  • The large ID permits the use of a bronchoscope, which enhances visualisation.
  • The centimetre marks facilitate accurate alignment with endotracheal tubes.
  • The removable Rapi-Fit® Adapters permit oxygen delivery, if necessary.

Cook® Retrograde Intubation Set

Intended to assist in the placement of an endotracheal tube during difficult or emergency airway access procedures where visualisation of the vocal cords is not possible secondary to secretions, blood and/or anatomic anomalies.

Features and benefits

  • Using the Seldinger technique via the cricothyroid membrane for initial access permits retrograde (cephalad) placement of a wire guide that exits orally or nasally.
  • The catheter’s tapered tip allows for smoother navigation through the patient’s anatomy.
  • Antegrade introduction of a hollow guiding catheter with distal sideports and Rapi-Fit® Adapters allows you to provide the patient with oxygen and facilitates placement of an endotracheal tube.

Cook’s comprehensive product offerings also cover airway exchange, emergency airway access, and extubation.

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