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Flexor® Ureteral Access Sheath

Used to establish a conduit during endoscopic urological procedures, facilitating the passage of endoscopes and other instruments into the urinary tract. The working channel protects the ureter during repeated instrument exchanges. The sheath also protects delicate instruments and smaller flexible scopes from damage. The sheath has a hydrophilic coating to create a low-friction surface as the ureter is dilated.

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Order Number Reference Part Number Instructions
for Use (IFU)
G32853 FUS-095013
N/A 9.5 13 paediatric*
G19177 FUS-095020
N/A 9.5 20
G19176 FUS-095028
N/A 9.5 28
G19174 FUS-095035
N/A 9.5 35
G46167 FUS-095045
N/A 9.5 45
G19175 FUS-095055
N/A 9.5 55
G34876 FUS-107013
N/A 10.7 13 paediatric*
G34877 FUS-107020
N/A 10.7 20
G34878 FUS-107028
N/A 10.7 28
G34879 FUS-107035
N/A 10.7 35
G34880 FUS-107045
N/A 10.7 45
G34881 FUS-107055
N/A 10.7 55
G32852 FUS-120013
N/A 12.0 13 paediatric*
G19173 FUS-120020
N/A 12.0 20
G19172 FUS-120028
N/A 12.0 28
G19168 FUS-120035
N/A 12.0 35
G46168 FUS-120045
N/A 12.0 45
G19169 FUS-120055
N/A 12.0 55
G30391 FUS-140020
N/A 14.0 20
G30393 FUS-140028
N/A 14.0 28
G30389 FUS-140035
N/A 14.0 35
G46169 FUS-140045
N/A 14.0 45
G30390 FUS-140055
N/A 14.0 55

*For paediatric use in children who are two years old or older.



EMEA - Flexor & Flexor Parallel - Brochure - English

EMEAFlexorandFlexorParallelBrochureEnglish_1582621576186.pdf »

EMEA - Flexor & Flexor Parallel - Brochure - Italian

EMEAFlexorandFlexorParallelBrochureItalian_1588757306576.pdf »

EMEA - Flexor & Flexor Parallel - Brochure - Polish

EMEAFlexorandFlexorParallelBrochurePolish_1588757681058.pdf »

EMEA - Flexor & Flexor Parallel - Brochure - Spanish

EMEAFlexorandFlexorParallelBrochureSpanish_1588757512341.pdf »

EMEA - Flexor & Flexor Parallel - Brochure - Hungarian

EMEAFlexorandFlexorParallelBrochureHungarian_1588757601952.pdf »

EMEA - Flexor & Flexor Parallel - Brochure - German

EMEAFlexorandFlexorParallelBrochureGerman_1588757420695.pdf »

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