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Critical Care

Key congress takeaways: CHEST-SGP Joint Congress 2017

Zoe is a Critical Care product manager for Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

From 7-9 June, I had the opportunity to attend the CHEST-SGP Joint Congress in Basel, Switzerland. A variety of topics were discussed over the three days, including medical and interventional sessions that covered asthma, COPD, lung cancer, and more.

Here are some of my key takeaways.

From the presentation by Dr Giovanni Volpicelli1

During the session ‘Progresses in Imaging – US in Lung Disease’, Dr Volpicelli, from Turin, Italy, talked about the use of routine ultrasound in pulmonology and its many advantages. ‘One key advantage’, he said, ‘is that you can monitor the success and results of your ventilation strategy in ICU patients’. He also added that ‘Ultrasound is the stethoscope of the 21st century’.

From the presentation by Dr Philipp Brantner2

In Dr Brantner’s session, ‘Progress in Imaging – Virtual Bronchoscopy’ (VB), he stated that ‘VB allows the physician to transfer the X-ray/CT/PET scan image that is in your mind into your physical intervention of bronchoscopy’. The virtual map can then be brought to life through 3D printing to allow practice navigation. ‘The entire process may only cost $50 to produce’, he said.

From the presentation by Dr Joachim Müller-Querheim3

On Thursday, I attended Dr Müller-Querheim’s presentation on sarcoidosis. I found it quite interesting when he explained that some anti-cancer drugs therapy plans can activate a cascade pathway to sarcoidosis. ‘By this logic, treating some lung cancers can in fact instigate a secondary illness of sarcoidosis’, he said.

From the presentation by Dr Gerard Silvestri4

Dr Silvestri from Charleston, South Carolina in the United States, presented ‘EBUS for Molecular Analysis – You Just Can’t Call It Lung Cancer Anymore’.

He talked about the need to ‘work with your pathologist to understand the type of tissue sample they need for molecular analysis’. He said he felt that there is a rising use, yet again, of mediastynoscopy in the United States due to the need for adequate tissue samples and that ‘the oncologist may refuse to give therapeutic treatment without molecular analysis’.

He said he is happy using a 22 gage needle and three to four passes per node for this procedure. He said the needle can be 22 gage or bigger; ‘it doesn’t matter…EBUS can do a lot of things’. By this, he said he meant that not only can the EBUS needle take tissue and test for lung cancer, but it can also be used to determine the treatment type and the amount of time that the treatment will require; it is more than just a needle.

He informed the audience that he is testing coring needles from Cook as this ‘offers increased tissue yield without going bigger’. He also advised on an institutional plan between the pathologist, oncologist, and pulmonologist for tissue sampling during EBUS for molecular analysis to prevent issues with samples that were being processed.

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Dr Silvestri is a paid consultant of Cook Medical.

Drs Volpicelli, Brantner, and Müller-Querheim are independent physicians with no financial ties to Cook Medical.

1 Volpicelli G. Progresses in Imaging – US in Lung Disease. Presented at: CHEST-SGP Joint Congress; 7-9 June, 2017; Basel, Switzerland.

2 Brantner P. Progresses in Imaging – Virtual Bronchoscopy Presented at: CHEST-SGP Joint Congress; 7-9 June, 2017; Basel, Switzerland.

3 Müller-Querheim J. Sarcoidosis. Presented at: CHEST-SGP Joint Congress; 7-9 June, 2017; Basel, Switzerland.

4 Silvestri G. EBUS for Molecular Analysis – You Just Can’t Call It Lung Cancer Anymore. Presented at: CHEST-SGP Joint Congress; 7-9 June, 2017; Basel, Switzerland.


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