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Stop wasting your time and resources chasing stones.

Have you ever focused in on an intact stone or rogue fragment during lithotripsy and had it migrate out of view? Retropulsion, however it occurs, can prolong your procedures.1 That’s where we come in. Cook Medical has several innovative products that specifically address this frustrating phenomenon.

During laser lithotripsy, the very pulse of energy that is intended to break the stone can also cause the stone to migrate out of your field of vision. With that in mind, the H-30® Holmium Laser System offers a variable pulse width. In two studies, retropulsion was reduced and equivalent fragmentation occurred when a longer pulse width was used.1,2

You can bust or dust a stone with the H-30 system. Watch a side-by-side comparison of the laser system’s short and long pulse widths.


Another way to keep the stone where you can see it is to block its path of retreat. This can be accomplished by using the UPJ Occlusion Balloon Catheter or the NTrap® Stone Entrapment and Extraction Device.

UPJ Occlusion Balloon Catheter

UPJ Occlusion Balloon Catheter

As its name indicates, the balloon catheter is used to occlude the ureteropelvic junction (UPJ). This can help you prevent stone fragments from entering the ureter during percutaneous lithotripsy.

Similarly, the NTrap device, in addition to being used as an extractor, can be an effective tool that blocks the movement of the stone.3

NTrap Stone Entrapment and Extraction Device

NTrap Stone Entrapment and Extraction Device

A 2013 study, in which the NTrap device was evaluated, concluded that “it is cost-effective to use an antiretropulsion device at a retropulsion rate of greater than 6.3%.”4

We see each day and each patient as an opportunity to make a difference. Helping you minimise migration is just one of the ways that Cook Medical can bring you value.

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H-30 Holmium Laser System
UPJ Occlusion Balloon Catheter
NTrap Stone Entrapment and Extraction Device

1Kang HW, Lee H, Teichman JM, et al. Dependence of calculus retropulsion on pulse duration during Ho: YAG laser lithotripsy. Lasers Surg Med. 2006;38(8):762-772.
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