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Peripheral Intervention

Animation: Retracta Detachable Embolisation Coils

Retracta is a detachable .035 inch coil that’s fully retractable. It’s easy to use and requires minimal preparation time. It’s an economical choice that gives you another viable option for treating patients.

The Retracta coil is based on the platinum Nester® technology. The soft platinum material lets you pack coils tightly. Use Retracta coils alongside the popular Nester and Tornado® coils to control the embolus size.

You can detach wth precision when you are ready. Place the coil and detach it. Or if you need to change its placement, then retract and reposition the coil before detaching it. Under fluoroscopy, the change in radiopacity at the detachment zone tells you where the coil is.  You can inject contrast to confirm that the coil is correctly placed. Click here to view sizes and specifications.


Retracta Detachable Embolisation Coils
Essential prescribing information

The Retracta Detachable Embolisation Coil is intended for arterial and venous embolisation in the peripheral vasculature. The coil delivery system provides safe delivery of embolisation coils when correct positioning is especially critical.

Positioning of embolisation coils should be done with particular care. Coils should not be left too close to the inlets of arteries and should be intermeshed with previously placed coils if possible. A minimal but sufficient arterial blood flow should remain to hold the coils against the previously placed coils until a solid clot ensures permanent fixation. The purpose of these suggestions is to minimise the possibility of loose coils becoming dislodged and obstructing a normal and essential arterial channel. The Retracta Detachable Embolisation Coil is not recommended for use with polyurethane catheters or catheters with sideports. If a catheter with sideports is used, the embolus may lodge in the sideport or pass inadvertently through it. Use of a polyurethane catheter may also result in lodging of the embolus within the catheter.

Perform an angiogram prior to embolisation to determine correct catheter position. Prior to introduction of the embolisation coil, flush the angiographic catheter with saline. This product is intended for use by physicians trained and experienced in arterial and venous vessel embolisation techniques. Standard techniques for placement of vascular access sheaths, angiographic catheters, and wire guides should be employed.

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