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Critical Care

Recent advancements in extubation with Professor Olivier Langeron

Prof. Langeron invited Cook Medical to his office in Paris, France, to discuss recent advancements in tracheal extubation.

Prof. Langeron is the head of the Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Unit at the University Hospital Henri Mondor in Paris, France. He is a member of the French Society of Anesthesia & Intensive Care Medicine (SFAR) committee and a veteran in difficult airway management, and he has been involved in more than 300 publications in both national and international outlets.

Prof. Langeron is an advocate of performing a safe tracheal extubation. He said he believes a safe tracheal extubation procedure can be performed with the right team, the right medical device, and a customised strategy tailored specifically to each patient’s needs.

He also raises awareness about the importance of tracheal extubation procedures, the need to guarantee patient comfort, and the desire to avoid any risk connected to airway failure.

In the following videos, Prof. Langeron discusses post-procedure assistance with tracheal extubation, mortality, morbidity data, and the indications established in the procedural guidelines.

What is the morbidity and mortality rate for tracheal extubation, and what factors affect this?

Tracheal extubation is the third-most serious complication after tracheal intubation failure and pulmonary aspiration in anaesthesia and ICU departments, says Prof. Langeron.


What are the guidelines for tracheal extubation?

Prof. Langeron provides an overview of the main guidelines and protocols for performing extubation procedures.


How would you prepare for a tracheal extubation?

Prof. Langeron describes the preparation involved in an extubation procedure in accordance with the guidelines provided by the SFAR.


What advice do you have for a physician implementing an extubation strategy?

Each physician must incorporate the specific needs of each patient into their strategy, says Prof. Langeron.


What are your device options for performing an extubation procedure?

Prof. Langeron introduces the Cook Staged Extubation Set.


When should the Cook Staged Extubation Set be used? How well do patients tolerate the wire guide?

Prof. Langeron explains which scenarios he thinks are most suited for the Cook Staged Extubation Set.


Are there any cost-saving benefits to performing staged extubation procedures?

Prof. Langeron talks about his approach to following the ‘risk-benefit ratio’, a process that compares the risk factors, cost, and benefits when determining whether or not to use a device on a critically ill patient.


Prof. Langeron is a paid consultant of Cook Medical.



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