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Holmium Laser Fibre with SmartSync® Technology for use with the Rhapsody® H-30® and SMA-905 connector laser systems

Intended for incision/excision, ablation, and coagulation (haemostasis) when attached to a cleared Ho:YAG laser system comprised of any standard SMA-type connector and an output power of up to 100 watts, for the indications for which the laser system has been cleared.

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Order Number Reference Part Number Instructions
for Use (IFU)
Single-Use Holmium Laser Fibre
G25292 HLF-S150-HSMA
N/A 150 red
G25293 HLF-S200-HSMA
N/A 200 red
G25294 HLF-S273-HSMA
N/A 273 red
G25295 HLF-S365-HSMA
N/A 365 red
G25296 HLF-S550-HSMA
N/A 550 red
G25297 HLF-S940-HSMA
N/A 940 red




EMEA - Holmium Laser Fibers brochure - English

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EMEA - Holmium Laser Fibers - Brochure - Italian

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EMEA - Holmium Laser Fibers - Brochure - Hungarian

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EMEA - Holmium Laser Fibers - Brochure - Spanish

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EMEA - Holmium Laser Fibers - Brochure - Polish

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EMEA - Holmium Laser Fibers - Brochure - German

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