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Universa® Soft Ureteral Stent Set Multi-Length

Used for temporary internal drainage from the ureteropelvic junction to the bladder. The set includes a stent, a wire guide, and a positioner.

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Order Number Reference Part Number Instructions
for Use (IFU)
Fr Length cm
G54090 USI-500
N/A 4.7 22-32
G54122 USI-600
N/A 6.0 22-32
G54133 USI-700
N/A 7.0 22-32
G54145 USI-800
N/A 8.0 22-32
Stent and Positioner
G54223 USI-500-R
N/A 4.7 22-32
G54403 USI-600-R
N/A 6.0 22-32
G54417 USI-700-R
N/A 7.0 22-32
G53999 USI-800-R
N/A 8.0 22-32
Stent Only
G53963 USI-500-B
N/A 4.7 22-32
G53970 USI-600-B
N/A 6.0 22-32
G53978 USI-700-B
N/A 7.0 22-32
G53988 USI-800-B
N/A 8.0 22-32
Stent Set with Roadrunner® Wire Guide
G54341 USI-500-RPC
N/A 4.7 22-32
G53926 USI-600-RPC
N/A 6.0 22-32
G53940 USI-700-RPC
N/A 7.0 22-32
G53947 USI-800-RPC
N/A 8.0 22-32
Stent Set with Lockable Pusher
G54120 USI-500-LP
N/A 4.7 22-32
G54339 USI-600-LP
N/A 6.0 22-32
G54340 USI-700-LP
N/A 7.0 22-32
Stent Set with Roadrunner Wire Guide and Tether
G54332 USI-600-RPC-T
N/A 6.0 22-32
G54380 USI-700-RPC-T
N/A 7.0 22-32
Stent with Tether and Positioner
G54277 USI-600-R-T
N/A 6.0 22-32
G54280 USI-700-R-T
N/A 7.0 22-32
Closed-End Stent Set
G54105 USI-600-CE
N/A 6.0 22-32
Stent with Tether
G54228 USI-600-T
N/A 6.0 22-32
Stent Only with Tether
G54232 USI-500-B-T
N/A 4.7 22-32
G54231 USI-600-B-T N/A 6.0 22-32
Stent with Pigtail Sideports Only and Positioner
G54397 USI-800-R-P
N/A 8.0 22-32



EMEA - Universa Ureteral Stent Set - Multilingual (EN/FR/IT/DE/ES/RU/PL)

URO-BOUSM-UNISTBE-ML-201307_M3.pdf »
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